Through uncertain times our aim is to enchant and delight with beautiful products curated around guided lunar meditations to help align you with the energies of the Universe and the law of attraction.

Our monthly signature box, Blue Ivory, includes an astrology guide with tips for manifesting & meditating at the new & full moon, details on navigating the upcoming astrological transits and a space to write your new moon intentions.

Blue Ivory boxes are sent out on the 22nd of each month and are based around the following month's astrology. Subscriptions renew on the first of the month and you can skip a box or cancel anytime.

All Ivory Gloss subscribers receive FREE membership to the Ivory astrology and meditation app where you can listen to the crystal meditations for each new and full moon.


Each month's intuitively selected items include two ethically-sourced crystals to match the moons along with the best in luxury self-care products, scented candles, essential oils, beauty products, smudge, snacks and other celestial delights.


Molly W

I've been receiving monthly blue boxes and I just love them! The love and care that is put in these boxes helps make my world go round, I look forward to every month's delights and it definitely feeds my crystal addiction. Perfect for beginners or old souls for a little extra magical self love. These boxes mean so much to me. Couldn't recommend it enough, I love it so much!!

Joanne B

I've just received this month's box, the crystals are stunning. They're just what I need because I have an essay to write that I've been putting off (I blame mercury retrograde!) and I'm starting the research for my undergraduate dissertation next month. It looks like the stars and this month's crystals will help me. Thank you so much. I feel so much more aligned since I've been getting this box every month xx

Raluca T

I just love this box, all stones are verrry good quality, I even received a tea holder of Himalayan salt...was huge, don't know how it fit inside but so happy for it, received lots of compliments for it, also in each month, you get sweets and something for your skin, all smells are so enchanting,  all you need to know and how to use your stones and when for your meditation… I don't have words enough for this box… is just amazing. 


Can't wait until the 22nd? Gold Ivory gift boxes are based around the seasonal astrological energies and can be found in our online store. Packaged in a gold foiled presentation box they make the perfect gift to yourself or another lovely in your life.

The Spring 2023 Gold Ivory gift box includes an orange selenite crystal; star candle holder, aragonite & citrine.

We also have mini Gold Ivory gift boxes based around the energies of each zodiac sign...


Ivory Zodiac Boxes are curated around step by step guided meditations with ethically sourced crystals and celestial tools to align with the energy of each starsign.

Receive an intuitive astrology reading based on your birth chart from our founder astrologer Gemma. Choose from a specific question, relationship or general chart reading and Gemma will write you a 500+ word report based on your unique birth chart.


How it works...

1. Simply add product to cart, make the payment then email your date, time and town of birth to

2. If you would like a relationship reading please email both dates, times and towns of birth - any queries and Gemma will email you directly

Please be aware that guessing the time of birth will make the report inaccurate so if you don't know your exact time within ten minutes let us know

There is still much to discover without knowing your exact time of birth


Looking for something super unique? Our bespoke Rose Ivory subscription box is aligned with the energies of your birth chart.

Gemma will write you a personalised astrology report for the month ahead and select a large, ethically-sourced, showstopper crystal just for you.