Hello! My name's Gemma and I'm the creator of Ivory Gloss...

A lot of people ask me 'Why the name Ivory?' and as much as I love elephants, conservationism wasn’t the initial reason I chose Ivory as a business name. Instead it was the symbolism. The word Ivory is full of duality. It’s a beautiful, strong material (when attached to its rightful owner, of course) and it has spiritual connotations as part of the elephant, but it's also a reminder of the work we need to do.

When I started Ivory Gloss in 2018 I wanted to create something that helped bring a little calm into people's lives and came up with the idea of a monthly subscription box with a step-by-step meditation inside. Since then the monthly boxes have taken on an astrological vibe with the original versions now available as one-off GOLD boxes in the online shop. 

Like many, I was drawn to astrology and natural energy as a means to give my life some kind of meaning. As well as including a guide to the following month's astrology in the BLUE box I also offer one-on-one birth chart readings. Please email me if you're interested :)

Email - info@ivorygloss.com

I also have a blog. Come say hi!